Frank Hornby Challenge Badge

This festival badge was the idea of St Andrews Rainbow Leaders, it’s very easy to complete and has been structured into 3 sections – Play-it, Make-it and See-it. Within each section, you’ll find activities appropriate to your School Year Group/Uniformed Section, which can be identified by the symbols at the top of each suggested activity i.e. KS1/2/3/4 or Beavers/Rainbow. 

All you need to do is select the Hornby Brand within each section that appeals to you most then complete at least one activity.  If you are a Primary or High School, it can be completed as part of several lessons or a one off 1/2 day activity session. If you are a Uniformed Section (Scouts or Girl Guiding), it can be completed over 3 or more weekly meetings or as a one off activity event.

All templates, song sheets, directions for the heritage trail and game instructions are enclosed in this pack to support your preparation, together with a badge ordering form.   Frank Hornby Challenge Badge

The cost of the Badge is £1 (plus postage cost).  Any profit made will be used by St Andrews Rainbows to fund future Rainbow outings, rent and sleepover.


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