15th – 19th May 2013

The idea started when the Rector of Maghull, The Revd Canon Nick Wells, of St Andrew’s, was clearing out his father’s house two years ago.  In the top room was a large model Hornby Railway.  Frank Hornby is buried in St Andrew’s Churchyard close to the Ancient Chapel and Nick wondered when Frank Hornby was born.  After research he found a copy the birth certificate which showed Hornby’s birth date as the 15th May 1863. This meant that in 2013 Frank Hornby would have been 150 years.

What good timing!  Just enough time to organise a celebratory event for the Community and celebrate Maghull.  Nick got together a few people who became the Trustees of the Maghull Hornby Festival charity and started working on planning the Maghull Hornby Festival.

To find out what’s happening when – click here for an at a glance diary of EVENTS

We will update information on here regularly so keep up to date with what’s going on by visiting this site often.


3 Responses to “15th – 19th May 2013”


    This is an excellent presentation but feel that the dates should appear on the diary type calender of events.

    We were going to forward the diary page to friends but realised that there were no dates.

  2. Paul McDermott Says:

    Heard you talking to Andy Ball on Radio Merseyside today, wishing you all the best of luck with the Hornby Festival.
    I’m a local author, and one of my published books is a childrens’ book, pirate-themed and based in/around Liverpool. When I wrote it I decided to name the Pirate Captain Johnny Dupl’eau, hinting at “Hornby Double-oh” …

    The book sold out so quickly, I decided to write a sequel and I’m planning to build it into a series. Unfortunately, the small [local] press which published it has since ceased trading, and I’m currently looking around for an alternative! If I manage to organise a re-print/published the rest of the series I’ll be in touch!
    Paul McDermott

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